Types of games on Madden Mobile

By | January 4, 2018

Madden NFL Mobile offers many types of games in it. Here are the details:

A. Live Events

In Live mode Events, we can follow the short game from practice throwing, running, touchdown, kicked, until the last exercise. In addition there are also exercises Head-to-Head and several other events. But at Live Events this, all the events therein has a grace period so in other words the event on the Live Events always changing every day. For every successful event you win, you are entitled to a reward in the form of money and mystery card.

B. Head To Head

Head to head is several times appeared at Live Events, but Head To Head has its own column. Here you can against other teams from around the world (rivals). In addition, you can fight your own friends -which terkonek facebook- (friends). In this mode you are expected to win every game and collect as many fans, because if you lose then get ready to lose your fans. Well that’s how this game might embrace karbitan fans. It is okay.

C. Season

Like a sports league, Season mode will show the match schedule of your team for a season. Every game that you pass then you are entitled to a sum of money, of money if you win will be more than if you lose. Match by match you will face until you finally made it into the final round, or in the NFL called the Super Bowl. If you won the Super Bowl, then you qualify for the next season, certainly the more difficult levels.

D. Leagues

In our Leagues mode can choose to play in the Championship or Tournament. But first we must join a league first group or at least you can create a group league of its own by paying coins for 5000. Then you will be asked to make up the name of the league with a logo according to your wishes. Then you with fellow league can play against each other with the format head-to-head.

Well that was the other what is contained in the Madden NFL Mobile. This game is arguably one of the best games from EA sau with highly detailed graphics. So it is guaranteed not to be regretted deh play this game. How, interested to play?

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